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Trainer Library

Trainer Library
While we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for everything training, we also know that customers rely on us to sell only high quality, well-constructed training tools and resources. That’s why we review every product we sell, making certain that it meets our high standards for content, quality and value.
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  • WorkPlay


    Product Code #: RBWP

    36 Indoor/ Outdoor Activities for Leadership, Team Building, and Problem Solving
  • The Ten-Minute Trainer

    The Ten-Minute Trainer

    Product Code #: RBTEN

    The shorter the training, the more they remember!
  • Visual Explorer Kit

    Visual Explorer Kit

    Product Code #: GAHVEK

    Use the power of images to stimulate discussion about difficult topics and complex issues.
  • Personality Style at Work

    Personality Style at Work

    Product Code #: RBPSAW

    The Secret to Working with (Almost) Anyone!
  • Communication Derailed Game Kit

    Communication Derailed Game Kit

    Product Code #: GAHCDG

    Use this high-energy simulation game to demonstrate the impact of poor communication, and to teach how to improve communication skills.
  • Teambuilding In a Box

    Teambuilding In a Box

    Product Code #: GAMTBBF

    A Completely New (and Fun) Way to a Better Team!
  • River Crossing

    River Crossing

    Product Code #: GAMELR

    Perfect exercise for Communication, Coaching, and Problem-Solving!
  • CaseCards - Human Resources

    CaseCards - Human Resources

    Product Code #: RPCCH

    Situations & Solutions. A set of 12 robust, real-world scenarios to help your management team deal with the trickiest HR situations.
  • Colourblind PLUS Communication & Team-building Kit

    Colourblind PLUS Communication & Team-building Kit

    Product Code #: GACOM

    Extend the power of Colourblind with 6 new shapes, and more difficult challenges.
  • Really BIG Tangrams

    Really BIG Tangrams

    Product Code #: GATANJ

    Make a BIG impact on your team's communication and problem-solving skills!
  • Marshmallow Challenge

    Marshmallow Challenge

    Product Code #: GAMEMML

    A team challenge for innovation and prototyping!
  • ExpressPack


    Product Code #: RDREXD

    A pack of photo images to help groups speed up conversations and express thoughts and feelings
  • Cross-Cultural Communication on DVD

    Cross-Cultural Communication on DVD

    Product Code #: VIDCCC

    Help empower your employees to develop communication skills for a multicultural organization and interpret nonverbal business communication
  • What Do You Say? -- DVD

    What Do You Say? -- DVD

    Product Code #: VIWDDVD

    Help employees find the RIGHT responses to customer questions and complaints
  • The Guest -- Video on DVD

    The Guest -- Video on DVD

    Product Code #: VIGSDVD

    Treat customers the way they want to be treated.
  • What Great Trainers Do

    What Great Trainers Do

    Product Code #: RBWGTD

    The Ultimate Guide to Delivering Engaging and Effective Learning
  • Blocks Not Included - see #GATLEBP

    Facilitator Notes for Building the Tower Silently

    Product Code #: GATLEBS

    Build communication and teambuilding skills with this exercise: Building the Tower Silently
  • Tall Ships Team Building Game

    Tall Ships Team Building Game

    Product Code #: GASHIP

    Practice the critical 7 C's for effective team performance!
  • Simbols


    Product Code #: GACSIM

    A powerful tool to address communication skills, team planning and implementation, process improvement and team leadership
  • Counter Intelligence

    Counter Intelligence

    Product Code #: GACIN

    An effective group problem-solving exercise, focusing on Task Supervision, Communication Skills, Establishing & Controlling a Process
  • Photo Jolts! Card Deck & Book Combo

    Photo Jolts! Card Deck & Book Combo

    Product Code #: RDPHJC

    Leverage the power of photographs to improve yourself, your team, or your organization!
  • Perfect Square

    Perfect Square

    Product Code #: GAMELS

    Practice leadership and consensus building!
  • Win Win Win

    Win Win Win

    Product Code #: GAMELW

    Perfect exercise for helping groups discover the value of collaboration vs. competition.
  • Zig Zag Creativity Cards

    Zig Zag Creativity Cards

    Product Code #: RDCZZ

    Train Your Brain for Greater Creativity
  • Pass The Chicken Game 2.0

    Pass The Chicken Game 2.0

    Product Code #: GAMECHX

    Teach strategic planning, communication, creative problem solving, and leadership in one hysterical training session!

    Special Price: $84.50

    Regular Price: $135.95

  • Houston We Have A Problem

    Houston We Have A Problem

    Product Code #: GAMENHP

    Cooperate! Don't compete! This challenging and popular activity encourages teams to share information.
  • Reflection Cards

    Reflection Cards

    Product Code #: RDHRD

    Holstee Reflection Cards are a fun way to spark meaningful conversations and deepen relationships with the people in your life.
  • Happiness Factory Participant Workbook

    Happiness Factory Participant Workbook

    Product Code #: RBHFP

    Participant Workbook for the half-day Happiness Factory workshop
  • CaseCards - Team Leadership

    CaseCards - Team Leadership

    Product Code #: RPCCL

    Creating a cohesive, high functional team presents a set of challenges for any leader. These cases will give you an opportunity to problem-solve some common situations.
  • Leader's Edge Development Cards

    Leader's Edge Development Cards

    Product Code #: RDLEDC

    Each week, pick a card from this 52-card deck and challenge yourself to develop that skill, using the activities suggested in the accompanying guidebook.
  • Everyday Leadership Cards

    Everyday Leadership Cards

    Product Code #: RDELV

    Help build leadership skills and instill a leadership attitude in adults and teens. The 120 prompts are sorted into 9 categories!
  • Meeting Facilitation and Voting Dots (set of 12)

    Meeting Facilitation and Voting Dots (set of 12)

    Product Code #: GAGFDOT

    Conduct your most successful meetings ever with easy-to-use communication stickers!
  • Elephant Sandbag

    Elephant Sandbag

    Product Code #: BALLELS

    A throwable that will help students REMEMBER your lesson!
  • Climer Cards, Teambuilding and Facilitation Tool

    Climer Cards, Teambuilding and Facilitation Tool

    Product Code #: RDCLM

    Using the power of metaphors, create meaningful dialogue and connect people at a deeper level.
  • Meridia CloudVOTE

    Meridia CloudVOTE

    Product Code #: ARMCLV

    CloudVOTE enhances presentation content by allowing instant audience feedback via mobile devices.
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There are 255 products.

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