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Portable Electric Maze 6' x 8' by Interel

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Portable Electric Maze 6' x 8' by Interel

Product Code #: GAMAZ3

Build team rapport... with active learning game

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Designed for maximum portability, the EM3 is the newest Electric Maze available today. The two-piece 6' x 8' maze has 48 programmable squares. The maze and control module are packaged in a 13" x 13" x 48" carrying case with built-in wheels. The EM3 is easy to setup, take down and repackage for travel.

To deliver a dynamic learning activity that illustrates the value of effective communication, skillful planning, leadership roles, coaching and success through team process.

The Electric Maze® is an electronically programmable innovative activity that challenges teams to find a successful path without triggering an alarm. Activities using the Electric Maze can be completed in about an hour and clearly demonstrate the importance of the skills essential to an organization’s success.

The maze is a highly-motivating learning device that consists of a grid and a control module. The grid is a flexible carpeted mat that is divided into 48 squares. Some squares have a pressure-sensitive switch. If the square is activated, and if someone steps on it, the maze alarm sounds.

Team members are divided up into management roles (Top Managers, Middle Managers, and Group Members) and are asked to navigate various "maps" using only verbal directions and a specified time frame, without triggering the alarms.

What Is The Maze Used For?
You can use the maze for both individual and group development. The three T’s of maze usage are training, teambuilding, and testing. Training activities with the maze help participants to learn interpersonal principles and procedures. Learning through the maze permits participants to actually experience abstract concepts like leadership, trust, synergy, empowerment, and dependency. It also encourages participants to experiment with such procedures as collaborative planning, giving and receiving feedback, and resolving conflicts.




  • The maze provides a holistic experience. Participants think, feel, and act at the same time. It activates all avenues of learning.
  • Maze activities are fun and engrossing. Participants easily lose themselves in the activity and reach a relaxed state of learning.
  • The maze does not involve major physical effort. It can be used for participants with limited physical abilities.
  • Easy to set up. Easy to maintain. Easy to transport.
  • Several maze activities are available to provide a variety of learning, team-building, and testing activities.
  • The maze facilitates safe physical activity in an indoor setting. The only requirement is the availability of sufficient space (a 10- by 15-foot area).

    Facilitator's manual offers assistance with set-up, operation, and facilitation of learning activities.

    Dimensions: Two 3’ x 8’ grids joined with Velcro® for use
    Shipping Wt: 60 Lbs,
    Shipping dimensions: 50"x14"x14"
    Wheeled Carrying Case Included;13" x 13" x 48", built-in wheels

    Expect 3-4 weeks for delivery.

  • International customers, please note: We regret that we are unable to ship this item outside of the U.S.


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