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The Values Game

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The Values Game

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Discuss personal values and group norms.

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Discuss personal values and group norms.

What is valuable to me? This game is an aid to reaching consensus in groups, teams or organizations, on the values and norms that you all consider to be important. By using and prioritizing these cards, people not only become more aware of what they value, but also get to appreciate other people's perspectives.

This 140-card game includes 63 "Values" cards; 38 "Group Norms" (the rules that dictate what kind of behavior is good or bad); and 39 "Subjects" cards that will help make your discussion more concrete.

1. Values: A value is something that you find important to aspire to, that directs your actions. Some examples are: servitude, respect and justice.

2. Subjects: These are used to narrow down the discussion on values, to make it even more concrete. For example: management, education, media and politics.

3. Group norms: These are the rules that dictate what kind of behavior is good or bad, wished for or unwanted, allowed or forbidden in groups and teams. For example: 'you must always speak the truth' or 'knowledge must be shared with others'.

Includes facilitation notes for four different games.
Each card is laminated, approx. 4" x 2.5"

Created by Peter Gerrickens, Marijke Verstage, Zjev can Dun

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