The EQ Game

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The EQ Game

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Practice emotional intelligence skills with this great card game

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Practice emotional intelligence skills Take turns picking one of the 50 Situation Cards and reading it aloud. The fun and learning begin when players choose a Self-Awareness Card that describes how theyre feeling, then select a few EQ Skills Cards (Self-Management, Social Awareness, or Relationship Skills) that might help them deal with the sticky situation.

The purpose of the EQ game is to provide practice in emotional intelligence skills. Players pick a situation card, read it aloud, then play a Self-Awareness Card AND one more more EQ Skills Cards. After playing a round, players can discuss practical solutions to the sitation, then score the round.

The game can be played by up to 6 people and requires 30-60 minutes.

The EQ Game consists of:

Situation Cards (50/deck):  

  • Self-Awareness/Self-Management focused situation, followed by 2 questions; 
  • Social Awareness / Relationship Skills situation, followed by 4 questions.

Response Cards (54 Self-Awareness Cards)

  • EQ Skills Cards (60 color-coded cards for
  • Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Skills)

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