The Blue Kit -- 5 Powerful Training Activities

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The Blue Kit -- 5 Powerful Training Activities

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Conduct your own highly effective training activities! 5 activities in one carry bag!

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Conduct your own highly effective training activities!

Achieve full employee potential. Gain new perspectives. Enhance teamwork and interaction. Reconnect teams and employees to organizational core values.

The Blue Kit contains everything required to successfully carry out 5 powerful training activities, including instructions and evaluation guides. All you add is floor space and eager participants!

  • 5 activities in 1 kit
  • Up to 2 hours of activities!
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Accommodates up to 20 participants (in 2 groups)

 What is Blue Kit designed for?

  • Group activities in the workplace and classroom -- experiential, educational, team-building activities
  • Simulating personal behavior and group dynamics scenarios, followed by debrief and discussion
  • Illustrating and demonstrating behavioral patterns in an informal, fun way
  • Conducting group discussions after each activity, including feedback and analysis of group dynamics
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Who can benefit from using Blue Kit?

  • Group facilitators and organizational consultants - to be used as part of training sessions and workshops
  • Training and human resources teams in various organizations - for team training and development and as a leisure activity with organizational benefits
  • Managers in organizations - for facilitating team activities
  • Group facilitators - children, parents, adults, women, youth movements

Blue Kit includes:

  • High-quality props (wooden poles and paddles, balls, hoops, strings, discs) for implementing 5 separate activities
  • Instructional video--on a flash drive (9 min.) -- demonstrates how to assemble game pieces for various missions and how to run each activity
  • Facilitator's Guide with:
  • *Detailed instructions for running the activities and tips for adjusting their levels of difficulty
    *Instructions on how to prepare for the activities and arrange the play area
    *Observation sheet for observers
    *Mission sheets for participants
    *Outlines for facilitator moderated discussions

  • Carry Bag
    • Dimensions: W 15.8", H 14.9", D 4.7"
    • 2 grip handles + shoulder strap
    • Weight: Bag + contents: 6 lbs.



1. No Words Needed

  • Icebreaking activity to promote group work
  • Demonstrating the role of non-verbal communication
  • Working in collaboration and observing its effect on the group's outputs

2. Writing Robot

  • Highlighting the importance of effective communication within the group
  • Cooperation patterns within the group
  • Decision making in a group setting and the challenges it poses

3. Balancing Marbles

  • Leading a group mission (observation on the leader and on group members)
  • Project management, problem solving - accomplishing tasks and coping with obstacles
  • Improving group performance
  • Group communication patterns, types, conflict resolution

4. Winner

  • Pure fun, energizing
  • Cooperation
  • Competitiveness versus collaboration

5. Team Ball

  • Setting team-wide targets
  • Planning versus execution - work plan effectiveness
  • Personal and team commitment in working to achieve targets
  • Team management
  • Improving performance through post-exercise debrief and analysis
  • Motivating and developing sales teams

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