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The ABC's of Bullying Prevention (DVD Bundle)

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The ABC's of Bullying Prevention (DVD Bundle)

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Address classroom bullying from all angles: kids, parents, professionals, administrators...

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How to combat bullying in the classroom? Research shows that showing a video to students in their classrooms and other "one-shot" approaches do not produce a lasting impact!

Combatting bullying behavior in school communities effectively requires a comprehensive approach that targets all the players: kids, teachers, administrators, and parents. This 4-DVD & book bundle offers just such a comprehensive approach to bullying prevention. The series targets four of the major stakeholder groups: Each program in the series addresses a specific stakeholder audience:

  • Parents (29 minutes)
  • Paraprofessionals (27 minutes)
  • Teachers (30 minutes)
  • Administrators & Pupil Services (32 minutes)

This program is comprised of 4 DVDs and comes with 4 copies of the companion book The ABC's of Bullying Prevention.

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Dr. Kenneth Shore, family and educational psychologist and nationally renowned author (Keeping Kids Safe, Special Kid's Problem Solver, and The Parents' Public School Handbook), presents an innovative plan to address bullying prevention across all constituencies who play a role in a school community. This comprehensive series includes both time-honored strategies, as well as innovative approaches, to address the needs of the "victim" and the behaviors of the "bully."

What is needed are strategies that are based on current research which can be integrated into the fabric of the school. Dr. Shore presents powerful and proven strategies that target specific groups, as well as providing valuable resources.

Through the use of the video and the accompanying book, each stakeholder group learns critical information on what he/she can do to specifically address, reduce and eliminate bullying in our schools. The best training program of its kind!

The bundle aims to help the various viewers to:

  • Understand the pervasiveness of bullying in schools.
  • Define characteristics of bullying and its various forms.
  • Identify the consequences of bullying for its victims as well as for the general student population.
  • List the key elements of an effective bullying prevention program.
  • Identify ways to promote a caring classroom culture in which students come to the aid of bullying victims and/or report incidents to adults.
  • Recognize behavioral signs in a student that suggest that he or she may be a victim of bullying.
  • Develop skills in counseling students who have been victims of bullying.
  • Learn strategies for providing discipline as well as guidance to students who have been bullying others.
  • Understand how to work cooperatively with the school to deal with a situation in which your child is being bullied or your child is doing the bullying. (for parents)

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