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Teamwork and Teamplay Cards

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Teamwork and Teamplay Cards

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Facilitate over a dozen powerful team and community building activities!

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With this new deck of cards by team-building expert Jim Cain, you can facilitate 17 powerful team and community-building activities. Each oversized card contains six elements, making them incredibly versatile:
1. traditional number and card suit
2. personality characteristics
3. Thought for the Day
4. Clue for team matrix puzzle
5. "Are you More likeā€¦" icebreaker question
6. 3 "Big Questions" which are great for getting-to-know-you exercises.

11 additional "Thumbprint" cards can be used for debriefing a team activity -- the front sides contain illustrations of a variety of team dynamics; on the reverse sides, you'll find a smorgasbord of puzzles, games, and activities to energize your group.

Below is a listing of everything you can do with this single card deck:

1. Thirteen Clues - Four different mysteries to be solved.
2. Thought For the Day - Inspirational quotes and messages.
3. The Big Question - Three levels of icebreaking questions.
4. Character Match Game - Exploring character actively.
5. Thumbprints - A visual debriefing activity.
6. I Doubt It - A simple card game that explores trust.
7. Personal Pyramid - A presentation of personal values.
8. Hieroglyphics - A linguistic challenge for groups.
9. Acronyms - A second linguistic challenge for groups.
10. Treasure Hunt - A mathematical group discovery activity.
11. Card Tricks - Jim's three favorite card challenges.
12. Tongue Twisters - A third linguistic challenge for groups.
13. The 15th Object - A game with a teachable moment.
14. Are You More Like? - Conversation and choices.
15. Pass the Deck - A fast-paced problem solving activity.
16. Stack the Deck - A fast-paced sorting activity for groups.
17. Watch 4 It - Real life examples of character words.

Use with team members in new or developing teams, with first level supervisors and managers to build strong, high-performing teams. or with young people in education, .

The cards also contain some useful and inspirational quotes, personal values and character descriptions that could be used in a variety of coaching and team development contexts.

Deck of 52 cards, 5" x 8".

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