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Structure Sticks w/facilitation notes

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Structure Sticks w/facilitation notes

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Construction games built for versatility

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If you've ever built structures with craft sticks, imagine what you might create with these bright and colorful twist and snap Structure Sticks!   Twist and snap together these bright and colorful building sticks.

We love using this tool for construction-focused teambuilding activities because they’re colorful, sturdy and versatile. Each stick is uniquely designed with notches, slots and hexagonal keyholes that offer lots of options for building. Create simple objects like tables and boxes, or dream up complex designs like space crafts and moon stations!

Whether your teambuilding game requires teams to replicate a model, coach colleagues on building a specific structure, or compete to craft the tallest, strongest, or most colorful structure, Structure Sticks are a simple and affordable resource. They allow “architects” to create a framework for anything from simple stick shapes, to tables, boxes, buildings and more. The flexible material is easy to bend and twist, yet strong enough to hold up to regular heavy use. The unique, versatile shape makes it easy to customize your creations.

Construction games built for versatility! With a handful of building materials on hand, you'll have dozens of ways to challenge and engage teams. Create your own team building challenge or select one from our Construction Kit Teambuilding Game Notes (included free with your purchase).


Each pack includes 400 sticks, 4.375" x 0.375" (11 x 1 cm) in 5 colors.

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