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Service Impact! Levels of Learning DVD

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Service Impact! Levels of Learning DVD

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A "field guide" to customer service: Discover how to identify and work with different types of customers and co-workers!

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The customer service field guide: discover how to identify and work with different types of customers and co-workers!

A new customer service scenario, designed for today's high-efficiency, money-saving training needs.

In part 1, Carlos is an experienced rep -- he knows the product backwards and forwards, and assumes everyone else does too. That's his fatal flaw: he's an unconscious competent: highly skilled, but doesn't realize it. His customer Justine, in contrast, is a conscious incompetent: she doesn't know the product -- filling her with anxiety. So when Justine calls Carlos, he's frustrated and Justine receives no useful help. Carlos's co-worker Stacey, in contrast, is an unconscious incompetent: she's clueless and doesn't know it. So when a customer calls, she flippantly admits she doesn't how to help him, making herself and the company look bad.

In part 2, Angela is an experienced rep, patient and helpful with those new to the product. She's a conscious competent: highly skilled and (humbly) knows it. Her customer Warren, in contrast, is having technical trouble -- which makes him anxious about his job and reputation. Angela is instantly aware of Warren's inexperience, puts him at ease, and solves the issue. New rep Mia, like Warren, doesn't know the software, and is painfully aware of the fact, afraid of how it makes her look on the job. So when Mia receives a call she doesn't know how to handle, Angela recognizes the situation, puts her at ease, and effectively guides her in helping the customer.

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Learning Points:
*Learn how to recognize the competency and skill of customers
*Learn how to recognize the competency and skill of co-workers
*Know when customers or co-workers are conscious -- or unconscious -- of their skill level
*Be better able to help customers, based on skill level
*Be better able to help co-workers, based on skill level

Easy-to-use -- includes facilitator's manual designed by service experts
Highly engaging -- quick-paced, lifelike scenario gains and retains attention
Save money -- all the quality at 60% off the typical price
Save time -- quick program for efficient learning and behavioral change
Versatile -- use for meetings openers, training sessions, and more

Broadcast-quality DVD
Filmed in HD with professional cast and crew
Length 5:31
Facilitators guide on CD-ROM includes: Facilitator's Guide, Activities, Discussion Questions, Student Worksheet, PowerPoint file, Pre and Post-Training Assessment

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