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Service Impact! Credibility Through Honesty DVD

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Service Impact! Credibility Through Honesty DVD

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Discover how to be honest about service problems -- and boost your company's image!

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Discover how to be honest about service problems - and boost your company's image!

A new customer service scenario, designed for today's high-efficiency, money-saving training needs. In Part 1, an overwhelmed service representative, Terry, receives a call from a frustrated customer, Justine. When Terry realizes he forgot about Justine's case, he tries to end the call before his manager finds out. He refuses to admit his mistake, then lies. When caught by Justine, he blames his company and reveals sensitive inside information. When Justine asks to speak with his manager, Terry lies about his name and hangs up, costing the company a valuable customer.

In Part 2, Terry approaches the same situation differently. He promptly admits his mistake and apologizes. He takes responsibility and ownership, immediately schedules corrective action, and accommodates Justine. He solves the problem, and wins another satisfied customer.

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Learning Points:
Never lie to customers
Take responsibility for mistakes
Take immediate corrective action
Safeguard internal information
Don't reveal information that could damage your company's reputation

Easy-to-use -- includes facilitators manual designed by service experts
Highly engaging -- quick-paced, lifelike scenario gains retains attention
Save money -- all the quality at 60% off the typical price
Save time -- quick program for efficient learning and behavioral change
Versatile -- use for meetings openers, training sessions, and more

Broadcast-quality DVD Length 3:53
Filmed in HD with professional cast and crew
Facilitators guide on CD-ROM includes: Facilitator's Guide, Activities, Discussion Questions, Student Worksheet, PowerPoint file, Pre and Post-Training Assessment

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