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From 3D to 2D using memory alone...a challenging task for groups and a great team-building exercise!

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Reversalâ„¢ is a very simple concept that is much more difficult to carry out than it might appear! A complex, 3D model can only be viewed by team members for very limited periods of time within a task time-frame. Every member of a team needs to bring information back from the model in order to re-create a completely accurate 2D plan...easy if you have great visual memory and spatial awareness but more demanding if you are challenged by a set of flat-pack furniture assembly instructions! In order to be successful teams need a shared strategy and good discipline. They need clear and specific instructions about their responsibilities, precise time-management and a shared process for recording information as it arrives.

At its simplest, Reversal is an excellent introductory team building activity. It quickly shows differences in personal styles, levels of confidence and the ability to support each other within the team. It also requires basic project planning skills. However, the exercise is particularly valuable for use in supervisory skills training or to challenge anyone who needs to allocate workloads, monitor performance, build confidence and capability in team members and keep to time deadlines.

Suitable for teams of between 4-12, Reversal lasts for 35 minutes (excluding review and processing).

Reversal is a carefully researched and designed group learning activity from RSVP Design.

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