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QuizXpress 5 game show software - Pro license

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QuizXpress 5 game show software - Pro license

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Engage large groups with a quiz show that reflects your own tastes and style.

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Playing QuizXpress 5 is just like being on a TV quiz show! Engage large groups with a quiz show that reflects your own tastes and style.


This quiz-style game offers the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to customizing the look and feel of your game show. Adjust backgrounds, color gradients, graphics, point values, answer times, and more. Include photos, sounds or videos in any question. You'll be delighted with the polished graphics and animations and sound effects provided in the QuizXpress toolbox, all of which make the finished product TV- gameshow-worthy!

Exploit the power of QuizXpress by pairing it with an audience response system that integrates seamlessly. Just plug the buzzer system's receiver into the computer's USB port, as well as the quizmaster's remote control. Each quiz player or team gets a wireless buzzer to buzz in with the answers to each question.

The quiz you create runs using the QuizXpress software on your computer. It can be presented on monitors, video screens (via a projector), or on any size television sets. As QuizXpress is a multimedia experience, a soundcard is recommended to play the various types of sound effects and other audio. The quizmaster operates the quiz with a wireless remote control or by using the keyboard, indicating whether given answers are correct or incorrect and moving through the questions, showing intermediate scores, and showing a graph of the answers supplied.

Watch video DEMO! (below, click on arrow/play button)

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Creating a Quiz: QuizXpress Studio

Using QuizXpress Studio, you can easily compose great-looking quizzes, without being a computer genius or design guru. QuizXpress is very user-friendly and intuitive but offers lots of possibilities, including:

  • Unlimited number of questions per quiz
  • Built-in categories (e.g. sports, film, music) allowing you to indicate which category each question belongs to. This means that the design of the questions/quiz (fonts, background, colors) will be adapted to the design of the category. Of course you can also create your very own categories.
  • Lots of question types such as multiple choice (2-3-4 answers), open questions, everyone answers, wager and more.
  • Demographic questions to split the audience in different competing groups
  • Change question layout by dragging and dropping questions and answers
  • Use of sound, pictures and videos within questions
  • Entering questions quickly in a grid layout
  • Number of points to be gained/lost in case of a correctly or incorrectly answered question
  • Variety of question properties, such as setting the time-span of the question
  • Use of banners: static slide to display information
  • Use of rounds: optionally drop teams
  • Thumbnail view of all the questions in a thumbnail strip
  • Various question layouts/question types
  • Preview and/or start QuizXpress Live! from within QuizXpress Studio
  • Use of sound effects within questions: with this functionality you can create a music quiz, for example
  • The properties of the teams competing can be fully configured (name/avatars). You can even set the buzzer sounds of the teams, which can also be your own sounds! The sounds played when a given answer is correct/incorrect can also be configured
  • Information gathering takes place during a quiz session (for example: answers from teams per question, timing information). This information is saved to an Excel file to enable the use of QuizXpress for educational and training purposes
  • To save on development time, set up category templates and import questions from Excel.
  • Export quizzes to PDF booklets to support the quizmaster during the show

Running your quiz: QuizXpress Live!

With QuizXpress Live! you can play the quiz that you've created in QuizXpress Studio. It handles presenting the questions to the teams, keeps track of the scores, listens to the quizmaster and plays all kinds of sounds. During the show, the presenter has access to various options -- for example, to show a chart of the last response or show a list of intermediate scores. QuizXpress Live! has extensive "skinning" capabilities, allowing you to fully customize the Quiz player also. Any element visible on the screen can be customized to your own liking. In this way you can truly create your own Game Show format in the (house) style you like!

Analyzing results: QuizXpress Analyzer

Version 3.3 of the QuizXpress Pro Edition ships with a graphical analyzer that allows you to inspect the results of an event. All answers given by the participants are collected in QuizXpress Live! and stored to disk. With Analyzer you can inspect and compare the results of different runs. When using QuizXpress to evaluate the effectiveness of your communication -- for example in a company training -- QuizXpress Analyzer gives you the insights to adjust your material and methods. The data can be exported to Microsoft Excel as a spreadsheet, or saved as a PDF document.

What's new in Version 5!

Buzzers that can be used with QuizXpress

QuizXpress currently supports the following buzzer types/interfaces:

  • Who's First Buzzer System #WHOR7W.
  • Sony PlayStation Buzz! wireless or wired buzzers, suitable for up to 20 participating persons/teams
  • The computer's keyboard; any device that maps to F1-F8 can be used.

Also supported but with different licensing fees: 
QuizXpress keypad system (up to 400 participants), QuizXpress Plus keypad system (up to 2000 participants) or QuizXpress buzzer system (up to 100 buzzers/slammers)

This is a downloadable product. You will receive emailed instructions on how to download the software. It may take 1-3 days to receive the email, depending on what day of the week the order is placed.

Software is PC-compatible (Windows XP/Vista/W7)

Request Free Trial Version -- this allows you to try out the software, but limits you to entering a maximum of 5 questions to your quiz

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