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Open-Ended Questions For Coaching Mastery, Card Deck

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Open-Ended Questions For Coaching Mastery, Card Deck

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Open-ended questions to help coaches and managers master this fundamental skill.

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Open-ended questions are an essential skill in coaching for powerful results!

The Open-ended Questions for Coaching Mastery deck by Q Basics offers 54 basic open-ended questions to help coaches and managers master this fundamental skill. Although designed as a training tool, it's also great for self-coaching!

The 54 questions in this portable deck have been compiled through research of available coaching literature, personal experience and interviews with coaches working in both corporate and coach training settings. They are designed to increase awareness of:

  • values
  • vision
  • passion
  • resourcefulness
  • challenges
  • choices
  • action

The questions are divided into three suits or categories with 18 questions in each category.

  • Simple & Curious
  • Expanding Awareness
  • Taking Action

For self-coaching: begin with a question or two from Simple and Curious, then explore more through the questions in the Expanding Awareness suit. When you are ready, use the Taking Action questions to clarify next steps.

Sample Questions (Try them on for yourself)

Simple and Curious
What do you want that you do not have now?

Expanding Awareness
What strengths can you leverage?

Taking Action
What will increase your chance of success?

User Guide included in the box
The User Guide addresses the art of open-ended questions, describes the kinds of questions in the deck and offers practical suggestions for using the cards to build mastery.


The deck size makes it highly portable and discreet. Each card is approx. 3-1/2" x 2-1/4".

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