Pass The Chicken Game 2.0

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Pass The Chicken Game 2.0

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Teach strategic planning, communication, creative problem solving, and leadership in one hysterical training session!

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Teach strategic planning, communication, creative problem solving, and leadership in an outrageously fun, easy-to-learn game!

In the Pass the Chicken Game, every player at every table must touch every “Audible Object” and pass it on as quickly as possible. Over 4 to 5 rounds of play, teams are challenged to discover new ways to improve their performance. The underlying goal, of course, is process improvement (how they get the job done) and reducing the amount of time necessary to complete a task, despite the presence of loud squawking chickens and other zany props.

Success requires teams to synchronize their efforts and work in unity. This high-energy game will motivate your staff to do more with less, reduce time needed to accomplish tasks, improve performance and numbers by thinking smart (rather than just working hard).

Contents: One large Squawking Chicken and a random assortment of 6 other talking props, complete instructions with Train the Trainer Guidelines, and handy carrying case.

Learning outcomes: Big team/small team integration, the power of strategic planning, efficient two-way communication, creative problem-solving, creativity and innovation, leadership, and the power of team synchronization, "Pass the Chicken" creates a constant toggling between task and process that allows participants to gain greater control over the game and find direct applications back at the work place.

# of Players: 12 to 56 players per set Location: Indoor/Outdoor (Must be played on or around a series of tables.)

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes


NOTE: Animals may vary from those shown in picture.

  Listen to Samples

Gefilte Fish: 
Look Who's Talking Monkey: 
Look Who's Talking Pig: 
Mr. Bill: 
Squawking Chicken: 
Woody Woodpecker: 

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