Meet & Greet Thumball

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Meet & Greet Thumball

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Toss, Catch, Look under your thumb! Great icebreaker and teambuilding tool!

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Look under your thumb and share!

Share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb. Thumball is a soft 6" stuffed ball with loads of applications!

It's a "toss-up" as to which ball will stimulate more fun and learning!

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Meet and Greet Thumball:

  • Smartest Career Decision
  • Two Office Tools You Can't Live Without
  • Project You Enjoyed Working On
  • A Business You Are A Loyal Customer Of
  • Two Words That Describe Your Parent
  • One Important Thing That Happened Recently
  • Useful Tip For Keeping Organized
  • Strange Or Funny Experience At Work
  • First TV Ad That Pops Into Your Head
  • Valuable Traits In A Co-worker
  • First Car
  • Challenging Job Interview Question To Ask Or Answer
  • A Book You Have Always Wanted To Read
  • How Was Your Name Chosen For You
  • First Job Or Worst Job You Held
  • Primary Responsibilities Of Your Position
  • Describe An Ideal Client/Customer
  • Pros & Cons Of Being A Leader
  • Biggest Risk You Ever Took
  • Unusual Profession You'd Be Willing To Try
  • Name Of Your Best Teacher
  • Two Practical Skills You Possess
  • How Does The Internet Best Serve You
  • Name And Location Of Your Elementary School
  • Ways To Stay Motivated Or Inspired
  • A Song You Are Sure You'll Never Forget
  • Great Stress Buster
  • What Does "Service Counts" Mean To You
  • Item You Never Travel Without
  • The Perfect Weekend

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