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Bendable Doodle Pen

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Bendable Doodle Pen

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It's both a fidget toy and a classroom tool

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It's both a fidget toy and a classroom tool !

These little guys are fun to play with and do double-duty as a note-taking pen, or a doodle tool.

Bend-able body & arms. 7" tall, Feet act as both a stand & cap. Black ink.

Several colors and head/face styles, packed randomly.

A recent study* on doodling showed that the doodlers actually retained more information than the non-doodlers. To get the most out of your learners, put a pen and doodle pad in front of them and don't misinterpret doodling for daydreaming!

*Study by Jackie Andrade, Applied Cognitive Psychology, University of Plymouth, UK, Feb 2009. With a group of 40 people, she tested the impact of doodling on concentration and memory. Participants were asked to listen to a boring telephone message with names of people as well as some irrelevant information. The doodling group was given paper with shapes - alternating rows of squares and circles - and the control group was given lined paper. The doodlers doodled, the control group didn't. In the end, the doodlers were found to have 29% better recall of the names than the non-doodlers.

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