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Managing Effective Meetings, 1-day workshop

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Managing Effective Meetings, 1-day workshop

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A fully designed and resourced, one-day experiential learning workshop

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Traditional skills, such as managing meetings, can be taught in inspiring ways, and are relevant for anyone who manages, chairs, or simply attends meetings.

This is a one-day (7 hour) workshop that can be delivered independently or as part of a sequence of workshops around management skills. The workshop materials are for a group of up to 16 participants and include a full facilitator’s manual and notes and all activity and exercise materials.

Workshop Contents:

  • 2 sets of Images of Organisations (also sold separately #RDRORG)
  • 2 sets of Workstation activities (also sold separately #GACWST)
  • 2 sets of laminated briefs for the Charity Challenge decision-making exercise (also on CD for reproduction if required)
  • Facilitator manual
  • CD with material for printing, including Participant Workbooks
  • Powerpoint presentation with key points

The style of this workshop is highly interactive and is based on small group practical work, reflection and discussion. The specific interests of the group, and the size of the group, may require the facilitator to apply some flexibility to the program -- the workshop notes offer suggested timings and review processes. A confident facilitator may choose to alter these timings and use additional or alternative materials.

The skills apply to many types of meeting, from formal board meetings to informal problem solving meetings or focus groups. These workshops have been tested with learners from public and private sector organizations. Now you can run these workshops in-house, so that more of your staff will have the opportunity to overcome the traditional grumbles about “too many meetings and not enough action!”

Presentation materials have deliberately been kept to a minimum. The design of this workshop means that participants are actively involved in exploring their own experience and learning and not simply receiving instruction and trainer input. Therefore, presentation materials are limited to summary of key points, discussion topics and overviews of theoretical models used in the workshop.

Further reading material and suggestions of follow-up activities can be offered as support handouts following the workshop, at the discretion of the facilitator.

The workshop lasts for 7 hours and there are enough materials supplied to work with a group of up to 16 participants, in parallel groups of 8.

    To understand the range and purpose of different types of meetings
  • To recognize the importance of planning and preparation in the success of meetings
  • To understand how to use agendas and pre-work to prepare for meetings
  • To practice the skills of effective chairing and meetings management
  • To develop strategies and skills for generating ideas in creative or problem-solving meetings
  • To develop strategies for decision-making and reaching agreement
  • To consider how to record, action-plan and follow-up the output from meetings

Developed by RSVP Design, LTD.

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