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Magic Coloring Book

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Magic Coloring Book

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Flip the pages and create magic!

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A fun way to teach that practice makes perfect. Flip through the pages once to show blank pages; flip again and outlines of drawings miraculously appear; flip again for full color illustrations.  This one's a scene-stealer! 

Standard (8.5" x 11")


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Customer Reviews

For a dynamic session closer, flip through the blank pages and remind the group that when they started the learning process, they had little structured knowledge about the topic. That they came in with a blank slate (which you appreciate). Over the course of the session and through their hard work, they now have a framework to think about the learning topic (flip through the pages to reveal outlined illustrations. Remind the group that in order for real change to happen, they must continue to practice what they learned and call on one another or you for support. Only then will they realize the full impact of the learning (flip through the pages to show the pictures in full color).

Another option is to pause after showing the pages with the outlines and ask the group what THEY would need to truly put in to practice what they learned. What would help them migrate from the framework they learned to full implementation? After they brainstorm a few ideas, show them what the result will be if they can take those steps.

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