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Game Show Presenter Gold, downloadable

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Game Show Presenter Gold, downloadable

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Energize and engage your trainees with 4 top-of-the-line TV game shows!

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Energize and engage your trainees with the top-of-the-line Game Show Presenter GOLD. This program is not just a collection of game show templates. GSP GOLD is specifically developed for trainers and educators to motivate people to pay attention by wrapping your subject review questions in challenging game formats.

Feel the Learn:

Trainers know that raw knowledge is hard to retain. But you can flip that by wrapping your training content in emotional experiences, such as striving to recall knowledge under pressure. Whether the experience ends with the pride of a correct response or the sting of a wrong choice, either way Game Show Presenter GOLD makes strong memories that anchor your training message in the mind.

Game Show Presenter GOLD includes four customizable game formats:

  • Categories (like Jeopardy)
  • Team Showdown (like Feud)
  • Who Wants to Know? (like Millionaire)
  • Quizathon (a straight-up quiz game)

GSP GOLD demo video

Download Trial Version for Windows or Mac   

How Game Show Presenter GOLD makes a difference in your work:

  • Dry subjects that induce sleep and distraction are transformed into lively games that challenge people's knowledge and skill.
  • Automatic score-keeping.
  • Automatic pause when correct answer is revealed so you can train or clarify on the fly.
  • Great for training on wordy policies, rules and procedures, because it resizes text for maximum readability.
  • Boost participation by allowing more people to play. Up to 10 individuals or teams can play Categories and Quizathon games.
  • The games reinforce learning by rewarding correct answers with points and cheering applause.
  • Customize the game visuals. Add your logo. Tweak colors.
  • Professional level options let you fine tune the details of the games.
  • Add pictures and sounds to quiz questions.
  • Add "Additional Information" screens to questions.
  • Supports virtually all languages.
  • Built-in Quiz Editor makes it easy to add or modify your questions.
  • Supports multiple choice, single answer, true/false and yes/no questions. Up to 5 answer boxes.
  • Each game file can have up to 12 rounds of play.
  • Built-in music and sound effects.
  • Easily copy Game Show Presenter GOLD and your quiz games to a USB drive.
  • Built-in coaching helps you quickly get comfortable running the games, plus there is an extensive online user guide.
  • Available for PC and Mac.

Buzzer options that help you manage players' behavior are among the most advanced features of Game Show Presenter GOLD. It's compatible with many types of buzzers, including Who's First (#WHOR7W). Or you can simply use the number keys on your computer to buzz-in players who raise their hands. Don't want players to buzz in before they even read the question? You can turn on a delay period before buzzers are activated and even include a 2-second penalty for players who jump the gun. Want to increase participation so no team can totally dominate the game? Use the virtual umpire feature.

Game Show Presenter GOLD draws on 17 years of experience building games for training. Because it was designed using feedback from thousands of trainers and educators, Game Show Presenter GOLD is trainer-tested to deliver results.

To get increased participation, morale, retention, test scores and more, get Game Show Presenter GOLD!

System requirements:

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP. About 50 MB free disk space.
  • Macintosh OSX 10.6 or higher. About 50 MB free disk space.

The Single-user license allows you to put the program on both your desktop and laptop computers. You can also copy the program and your games to a USB drive! That gives you great mobility to present your training games in different locations. (Please note that there are different versions for Windows and Mac.)

This is a downloadable product. After you've placed your order, you will be given a link where you can download the zip files, for both the PC-compatible and Mac-compatible programs. (You will need a program such as WinZip to extract the files for your use.)

This program works seamlessly with the Who's First Buzzer & Light Tower with USB (#WHOR7W).

Compare with other gameshow software...

"Game Show Presenter is one of the best training tools I have ever used. My participants learned faster and retained more by playing the game." -- Tom S.

"I was asked to create a 'Jeopardy'-style learning game for my company, again. I did this a few years ago using a series of Powerpoint slides. This time, I did so using the Gold version of Game Show Presenter. WOW, what a difference your game software made on the overall user experience." -- Sam W.

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