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Jenga Giant

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Jenga Giant

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Take the classic game of Jenga to another level of fun and interaction!

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Jenga® Giant™: The classic Jenga® game, but MUCH BIGGER! Stacks to over 3 feet high!

Jenga Giant takes the novelty of the classic game of skill and strategy to a whole new level of fun and interaction. If you've ever played Jenga at home or a party, you know the drill. The tension builds as the tower gets higher, and your options for removing blocks without peril get smaller. Players without scruples can always try to make the one pulling the blocks laugh and hope they lose their poise.

Any way you play it, this game is a terrific way to pull people together in a common activity and provide some laughter and tension release. Set one up in your lunchroom or conference room for a welcome stress break, and send people back to work with smiles on their faces.

How to Play Jenga Giant :

Overview: you build a tower, move the pieces and hope that you aren't the one who makes it fall. 1. Set up the tower by placing three blocks facing down. Make three blocks face the left. Keep on doing this until there are no more blocks.
2. Try to take a block out by tapping or pulling it out.
3. Once you pull it out, place the block on the top of the tower.
4. Repeat step #2 until someone makes the Jenga Tower fall.

This giant set includes 54 precision-crafted, polished Jenga® Giant™ hardwood blocks, each measuring 6" x 2" x 1". Also includes sturdy box for easy storage and transport. Weighs 17 pounds.

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