Get Happy at Work Thumball

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Get Happy at Work Thumball

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Toss, Catch, Look under your thumb! Great training tool and team builder!

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You could also purchase our UNZIP-it! with Get Happy at Work Card Deck (Product Code #: BLZPAJ).  These cards contain the same awesome prompts as our Thumball!

Look under your thumb and share!

The Get Happy at Work discussion prompts help create a more positive workplace by allowing colleagues to share goals, discuss challenges, and build relationships. Focusing on Positive Emotion, Engagement, Meaning, Accomplishments, and Relationships, the prompts help surface sources of happiness as they draw out individuals' personal qualities, work challenges, professional goals, and organizational dynamics. By putting a positive spin on important discussion topics, the Get Happy at Work Thumball helps promote optimism, identify areas for organizational improvement and build a happier workplace.

Share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb. Thumball is a soft 6" stuffed ball with loads of applications!

It's a "toss-up" as to which ball will stimulate more fun and learning!

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Get Happy at Work Thumball questions:

  1. To do my best work, I need...
  2. My biggest work challenge right now and how I'm addressing it
  3. A good thing I accomplished last week
  4. A recent experience that led to my greatest learning
  5. The work that's most meaningful to me
  6. What are your personal and professional goals?
  7. A new challenge I hope to take on at work?
  8. My top priorities for the day/week
  9. How have you progressed toward a current goal?
  10. What risk would you take if you knew you couldn't fail?
  11. What permission do you need/want to move forward?
  12. Something you're thankful for at work
  13. The best thing about our organization is...
  14. I'd like coming to work more if...
  15. Our meetings would be more productive if...
  16. How do we encourage/discourage risk-taking?
  17. Something new I'd like to learn
  18. An area where I'd like more autonomy
  19. A skill I hope to master
  20. What are your most important relationships?
  21. Who deserves an office MVP award? For what?
  22. Someone I'm thankful for at work
  23. Compliment a colleague
  24. An act of kindness you recently received
  25. Someone you respect/look up to at work
  26. What makes my heart sing?
  27. I lose track of time when I'm...
  28. I feel successful when I...
  29. What are the top three things you cherish in your life?
  30. What are you most grateful for?
  31. Something I'd like to boast about


This ball is part of our exclusive Silver Series Thumballs.

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You can create a more positive workplace by allowing colleagues to share professional goals, discuss challenges, and build relationships. By focusing on the positive – Positive Emotions, Engagement, Meaning, Accomplishments, and Relationships – your group will be able to constructively address important topics. You’ll promote optimism, identify areas for organizational improvement and build a happier workplace.

Facilitation Tips 
1) Explain your goal. To maximize participation, explain that your goal is to promote shared understanding and build a happier, more supportive environment.
2) Don’t rush it. Appreciate that some may not be able to give quick or pat answers to a prompt; others might want to take some time to discuss their thoughts. Don’t feel rushed to get to the next question. Rather, give people the time needed to discuss what’s on their mind.
3) Take notes. Thumballs have a great way of teasing out important information. Keep a notepad handy in case you hit an issue you’d like to revisit later.
4) Give each player a “pass.” If a player finds a prompt particularly difficult, invite them to take a PASS, ASK A FRIEND, or request a DISCUSSION.

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