Move Your Body Mini Thumball

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Move Your Body Mini Thumball

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Toss, Catch, Look under your thumb! Great training tool and team builder!

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Toss it. Catch it. Look under your thumb and share!

Share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb. These mini Thumballs are soft 4" stuffed balls with loads of applications!

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The Move Your Body Thumball (Blue/Yellow) is covered with silly and challenging prompts that get people out of their seats and moving.

Each ball is 4" diameter.

1. Ride A Horse, Trot then Gallop
2. Dribble then Shoot The Basketball
3. Dance Hilariously
4. Arm Circles then Flex Your Muscles
5. Applaud then Take A Bow
6. Kick A Goal & Cheer
7. Lift Barbell Weights Strongly
8. Reach Arms To The Sky Slowly
9. Twist your Waist Side To Side
10. Flap Your Wings & Soar
11. Do Jumping Jacks Precisely
12. Wiggle Fingers, Toes & Nose
13. Hit A Home Run
14. Ride A Bicycle
15. March Proudly & Salute
16. Lift Knees to Touch Elbows
17. Dive In & Swim Gracefully
18. Cast Your Pole & Reel In A Fish
19. Karate Chop & Kick
20. Serve A Tennis Ball & Swing The Racket
21. Bowl A Strike Loudly
22. Drive A Race Car & Turn Wheel Sharply
23. Hop with 2 feet
24. Ice Skate Smoothly
25. Paddle A Canoe
26. Run In Place Quickly
27. Hop with 1 foot
28. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
29. Skip Cheerfully or Laugh Merrily

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