Injury Prevention Safety Thumball

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Injury Prevention Safety Thumball

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Enhance trainings, test for comprehension & review important material.

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Throw it. Catch it. Respond to the panel under your thumb.

The Injury Prenvention Thumball looks like a cool soccer ball and has 32 panels pre-printed with important questions suited for adults and teens. Use it to enhance trainings, test for comprehension & review important material. The ball is 6" diameter.

It is best used with Injury Prevention & First Aid classes and does not replace taking an actual class. Instructions and answer key inside card.

Injury Prevention Thumball optional methods of play:
Option 1: Answer for yourself or ask a colleague.
Option 2: Split up into 2 teams, collect points for correct
responses, 1st team to reach 15 wins!
Option 3: Have the group form 2 lines, toss Thumball to front person, if correct response is given they advance. Team that advances all players wins.

Injury Prevention Thumball Questions and Answers (answers are not printed on the ball)

1. Name 3 activities to wear a helmet.
Biking, skating, 4 wheeler, horseback riding, skiing
2. Where must you stop, look, and listen?
At a railroad crossing.
3. What must go across hips and chest?
A seat belt
4. In a vehicle, 10" is a safe distance between your chest & what?
5. What belongs outside every bedroom?
Smoke alarm
6. What is 1-800-222-1222 the phone # to?
Poison control
7. Name 3 bus danger zones.
Front, back right side, and left side of bus
8. An interior space with no windows is a safe place during a ___?
Tornado, hurricane, other wind storms
9. Name 3 things to tell a 911 operator.
Location, what's wrong, name, phone number
10. Discuss 3 safety items worn to protect the body.
Gloves, googles, hard hat, shoes, clothing
11. What does EDITH stand for?
Exit Drills In The Home
12. What is the significance of 80#. 4"9'?
Recommended height and weight for correct seatbelt use.
13. When do you stop, drop, and roll?
When your clothes are on fire.
14. What environments are safely entered feet first?
Shallow water
15. What home safety device should be checked monthly?
Smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector
16. When must you crawl low?
Whenever there is smoke.
17. In what ways can you prevent suffocation?
Keep plastics away from children, keep lid locked on plastic boxes.
18. What does P.A.S.S. stand for?
Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep a fire extinguisher
19. What activity is best done with traffic?
Bicycle riding
20. Explain the duty of a water watcher.
Watches people in and around the water.
21. What needs oxygen, heat, and fuel?
Fire - remove one and the fire will go out
22. What kind of poisoning can headache, dizziness & nausea be symptoms of?
Carbon monoxide
23. Name 3 methods of poisoning.
Eating, tactile/skin, puncture, smelling
24. Name 2 activities when reflective clothing should be worn.
When you are biking or running at dusk or dawn.
25. Act out the universal sign of choking.
Hands at the throat
26. Name 3 things to do if you see power lines down.
Call 911, stay away, keep others away, don't touch anything touching the wire.
27. What safety device should be U.S. Coast Guard approved?
Life vest or personal floatation device (pfd).
28. Name 2 things to walk around car to check for.
To look for children, pets, toys, etc.
29. What activities should be done against traffic.
Walking and running
30. Demonstrate the correct arm signal for biking.
Right turn: extend right arm straight out in the direction of the turn, horizontally. Left turn: extend left arm straight out in the direction of the turn, horizontally. Stopping: extend your left arm out to the left, horizontally and angle your forearm vertically downward.

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