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Totika with Self-Esteem Card Deck

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Totika with Self-Esteem Card Deck

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A hilarious wood-stacking game with a serious purpose

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Totika is Jenga with a purpose!

Over the last decade, Totika -- Self Esteem has become a favorite communication and self improvement game in businesses and organizations. 

Totika is the classic stacking game combined with prompts for exploration and discussion of heartfelt topics that deepen relationships and build trust. Players take turns pulling blocks from the stack and responding to questions. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Self-Esteem isn’t fluff that managers can ignore – after physiological needs, the need for safety, then for love and belonging, self-esteem needs must be satisfied for people to reach their potential. Totika for Self-Esteem is a playful and productive way to have some great conversations.

Examples from the SELF-ESTEEM card deck:
  • How does achieving a goal make you feel?
  • What is a goal that you have already achieved?
  • If you wanted to reward yourself where might you go to celebrate?
  • If you were feeling down about yourself, whom might you talk to?
  • What is a goal you have and how will you achieve it?
  • What will you probably change about your life in the next year?
  • What might make you feel bad about yourself?
  • What qualities do you look for in a role model?
  • What actions are you thinking about taking to improve yourself?
  • What have you noticed about very confident people?

Totika includes:

  • 45 colorful stacking blocks
  • a deck of 48 Self-Esteem question cards
  • instruction sheet


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