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Dialoogle Edition 11 Pocket Set

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Dialoogle Edition 11 Pocket Set

Product Code #: RDDGP

An amazing small (3.5"x3.5") picture deck that promotes Visual Talking

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Dialoogle is an amazing picture tool that makes conversations open, fun and surprisingly productive. We call the process Visual Talking. The Dialoogle Pocket Set is perfect for small spaces. Lay out 60 picture cards on a table, or when you're on the go - and ask people to find answers to your questions in the pictures that talk to them. Then you are ready for the process of creating meaningful and motivating results.

Dialoogle's strength lies in the pictures. They are carefully designed to overcome barriers in our mindset and stimulate reflection. They facilitate the expression of feelings, inspire creativity and innovation, enhance learning and multiply the value of communication.

Participants communicate with their brains as well as their hearts. You guide them towards meaningful and innovative results by means of the design of the exercise and your questions. Business leaders, teachers, developers, coaches, psychologists and other professionals who work with people use Dialoogle as a valuable tool. Leading experts recommend Dialoogle as a simple and effective tool for working with learning styles. Others just use it for creating amazing results.

  • Innovative thinking
  • Efficient learning
  • Creative strategies
  • Constructive meetings
  • Open conversations
  • Improved social relations
  • Enhanced motivation and commitment
  • Stronger team spirit


The Edition 11 Pocket Set consists of 60 picture cards (9x9 cm or 3.5"x3.5"). The cards are durable and moisture resistant. The modern box is made of sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure.

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Ideas & Inspiration

Pictures encourage communication and linguistic diversity. Words seem to come out of the blue like gifts, and stories seem to tell themselves. When we talk in images, we use the language of the heart. This is what we call Visual Talking.

Use the Dialoogle picture cards to kick-start, renew, and enhance the subtleties of communication in dialogues and conversations in small and large groups. Images create associations in the brain, inspire innovative thinking and facilitate the formulation of feelings, perceptions and ideas, increasing the value and outcome of communication. Dialoogle can be used as an effective communication tool by anyone wishing to improve the quality of conversations in any context.

Download this inspiration booklet which describes the following 21 different ways of Visual Talking.

  1. Facilitating Difficult Conversations
  2. Developing Leadership Skills
  3. Inspiring Winner Mentality
  4. Coaching
  5. Focused Conversations
  6. Let Loose and Improvise
  7. Icebreaker
  8. Storytelling
  9. Brainstorming
  10. Team Building
  11. Creative Thinking
  12. Language Training
  13. Creating Moods
  14. Active Listening
  15. Finding Common Ground
  16. Showing Appreciation
  17. Creating Consensus
  18. Evaluation
  19. A Road to Better Understanding
  20. Making Friends
  21. Conducting Interviews

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