Big Book of Motivation Games

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Big Book of Motivation Games

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Games to motivate your teams -- and yourself!

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by Robert Epstein, Jessica Rogers

Did you know that...
Disorganization is one of life's major sources of stress --and motivation killers?
Anonymity is one of the greatest factors in motivating uninhibited creativity?

Will power is a poor tool for achieving motivation - skill power is a much more effective approach!

For managers, leaders, and individuals seeking to motivate their teams or themselves here is a light-hearted book of games that are based on rigorous behavioral research, not just hype. Written by Dr. Robert Epstein, editor-in-chief of Psychology Today magazine and a Harvard-trained psychologist, this collection includes dozens of fast, simple games and exercises, as well as two unique tests that you can use to measure your "motivation competencies" and select the games you need the most.

The energy-enhancing games help participants to:
Jump-start personal as well as team motivation
Use color to boost mood and energy
Create a motivational environment
Fight boredom and burnout
Boost performance
Overcome failure
Stop procrastination

Packed with over 40 original games and exercises that can be customized to suit your specific needs and group size.

Paperback: 224 pages


Table of Contents

The Big Book of Motivation Games 

  • Getting Ready
  • Motivation Basics
  • Making the Most of This Book
  • The Games!
  1. Aiming for Actualization
  2. All That You Can Be
  3. The A-Mazing Maze Game
  4. The Anonymous Suggestion Game
  5. Beat the Clock!
  6. The Bliss List (Individual Version)
  7. The Bliss List (Team Version)
  8. Blowing Away the Tension
  9. The Careful Critique Game
  10. The Color of Motivation
  11. Crossing That Bridge
  12. The Crystal Ball Game
  13. Different Strokes
  14. The Dream Team
  15. Ergonometry
  16. Feed Me!
  17. Goal-a-Rama I
  18. Goal-a-Rama II
  19. Goal-a-Rama III
  20. Goal-a-Rama IV
  21. The Goodfellas Game
  22. Group vs Team
  23. Higher and Higher
  24. The I-Do Game
  25. I Have a Dream
  26. Keeping the Fires Burning
  27. King of the Hill
  28. Make Me Laugh
  29. The Midas Touch
  30. The Monologue Game
  31. The Mover-Shaker Game
  32. The No-Hands Game
  33. Popeye Puffs
  34. The Slump Game
  35. Stacked to the Ceiling
  36. The Star Chart Game
  37. The Superstition Game
  38. Target Practice
  39. The Tchotchke Game
  40. The Ten-Year Plan
  41. Thinking Caps
  42. The Tiny Little Nod Game
  43. The Twenty-Eight-Hour Day
  44. What D'Ya Know? (Individual Version)
  45. What D'Ya Know? (Managers Version)
  46. Workplace Challenge
  47. The Yes! Game


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