Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games

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Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games

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Quick, effective activities that explore communication, goal setting, character development, team buillding and more -- and WON'T BREAK THE BANK!

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Authors:  Mary Scannell & Jim Cain

Featuring activities and exercises designed for groups of any size, The Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games proves that training can still deliver outstanding results, even when you're watching the bottom line.

Whether you're a trainer or facilitator, a group leader or manager, you'll find the games in this book are excellent tools for building trust, exploring character, fostering collaboration, and demonstrating more effective communication techniques. Better still, with minimal props like index cards and markers, these activities are not just cost-effective but are also simple to set up and can be done virtually anywhere.

From painless icebreakers to group challenges to meaningful community-building projects, The Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games is your winning game plan for maximizing group engagement and getting the most ROI from your training budget.

Published 2012. Paperback, 240 pages


Table of Contents

1 Effective, Teaching, Training, and Facilitating 1

2 Getting the Most from the Activities in This Book 27

3 Opening Activities, Energizers, and Painless Icebreakers 35

4 Team- and Community-Building Activities 61

5 Puzzles and Games with Teachable Moments 133

6 Reviewing and Debriefing Techniques 199

7 The Right Stuff: Finding the References, Props, Tools, and Equipment You Need 229


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