Games for Active Learning


Games for Active Learning:

Goodbye lectures. Hello accelerated, brain-based learning, where the goal is to create an active, participatory learning experience.

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  • Seeing the Point Toolbox

    Seeing the Point Toolbox

    Product Code #: GACSPT

    A short yet powerful exercise to demonstrate the power of intuitive problem-solving and "doing more with less."
  • View-Changer Cards

    View-Changer Cards

    Product Code #: RDVCC

    53 stunning photos of nature, combined with thought-provoking questions to inspire reflection, conversation, team-building, and relaxation.
  • River Crossing

    River Crossing

    Product Code #: GAMELR

    Perfect exercise for Communication, Coaching, and Problem-Solving!
  • Team Dynamics Thumball

    Team Dynamics Thumball

    Product Code #: BLTHAT6

    Toss, Catch, Look under your thumb! Great training tool and team builder!
  • KnowBrainer


    Product Code #: RDKNB

    Hand-held, fan-deck tool that helps you quickly think better, faster and smarter
  • Creative Whack Pack

    Creative Whack Pack

    Product Code #: RDCWP

    Build a creativity-friendly organization
  • On The Go Trainers Kit

    On The Go Trainers Kit

    Product Code #: KITOTG

    Everything you need to have in a mobile training kit
  •  Mindful Reminders Card Deck

    Mindful Reminders Card Deck

    Product Code #: RDGM

    Use this beautifully designed card deck to stimulate mindfulness
  • Choose One

    Choose One

    Product Code #: RDCGM

    Icebreaker Board Game
  • Reflection Cards

    Reflection Cards

    Product Code #: RDHRD

    Holstee Reflection Cards are a fun way to spark meaningful conversations and deepen relationships with the people in your life.
  • Leader's Edge Development Cards

    Leader's Edge Development Cards

    Product Code #: RDLEDC

    Each week, pick a card from this 52-card deck and challenge yourself to develop that skill, using the activities suggested in the accompanying guidebook.
  • Everyday Leadership Cards

    Everyday Leadership Cards

    Product Code #: RDELV

    Help build leadership skills and instill a leadership attitude in adults and teens. The 120 prompts are sorted into 9 categories!
  • Big Book of Icebreakers

    Big Book of Icebreakers

    Product Code #: RBBBI

    Warm up large groups, encourage shy individuals to participate
  • Dynamizer Cards

    Dynamizer Cards

    Product Code #: RDDYN

    The STRENGTHS ENERGIZER! Build confidence, improve relationships and address conflict!
  • CaseCards - Team Leadership

    CaseCards - Team Leadership

    Product Code #: RPCCL

    Creating a cohesive, high functional team presents a set of challenges for any leader. These cases will give you an opportunity to problem-solve some common situations.
  • Chat Packs

    Chat Packs

    Product Code #: RDCHP

    Help your people get to know each other!
  • CaseCards - Feedback Decks Combo Pack

    CaseCards - Feedback Decks Combo Pack

    Product Code #: RPCCFC

    12 relevant scenarios to role-play and practice giving and receiving feedback in real-life situations
  • Teamwork Cards & Book

    Teamwork Cards & Book

    Product Code #: RBTWC

    Use this unique set of 30 laminated multi-use cards to lead 25 fun, engaging, and thought provoking teamwork activities.
  • Teamwork and Teamplay Cards

    Teamwork and Teamplay Cards

    Product Code #: RDTWTP

    Facilitate over a dozen powerful team and community building activities!
  • Workstations Toolbox Card Deck

    Workstations Toolbox Card Deck

    Product Code #: GACWST

    Try this simple and engaging team communication and problem-solving exercise!
  • Counter Intelligence

    Counter Intelligence

    Product Code #: GACIN

    An effective group problem-solving exercise, focusing on Task Supervision, Communication Skills, Establishing & Controlling a Process
  • Common Currency Game -The Cooperative Competition Game

    Common Currency Game -The Cooperative Competition Game

    Product Code #: GACCOMC

    A flexible, team-based activity that utilizes a wealth of interpersonal and group-process skills.
  • Search & Rescue

    Search & Rescue

    Product Code #: GAMELT

    Practice the art of cooperation!
  • Win Win Win

    Win Win Win

    Product Code #: GAMELW

    Perfect exercise for helping groups discover the value of collaboration vs. competition.
  • Emergency Response Thumball

    Emergency Response Thumball

    Product Code #: BLTHBSW6

    Enhance trainings, test for comprehension & review important material
  • Big Clear Tote Bag

    Big Clear Tote Bag

    Product Code #: FIBAG4

    Find things easily -- even in the bottom of your bag!
  • Large Mesh Bag

    Large Mesh Bag

    Product Code #: BLTHABAG

    A solution to organize and carry all your stuff!
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There are 339 products.

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