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  Classic Smile Mirrors (10/set)

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Classic Smile Mirrors (10/set)

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Enthusiasm and good spirits are contagious

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Classic Smile Mirrors -- 10 MIRRORS IN ONE SET
Discounts available if you purchase 10 or more SETS. NOTE: Quantity discounts shown above refer to a unit (set of 10 mirrors).

"SMILE! They can hear it in your voice!"

Give your people a smile mirror to keep by their phone as a reminder to communicate positive energy through their voice. Mirror is backed with a gentle adhesive so that it can be mounted and removed from computer or wall.

Each mirror is 6" W x 2.5 " H

"One way to positively affect the inflection in your voice is to smile, especially when you first answer the telephone. The reason is not psychological but rather physiological. When you smile, the soft palate at the back of your mouth raises and makes the sound waves more fluid. ...Smiling helps your voice to sound friendly, warm, and receptive.

"Some telemarketing companies are so convinced of the value of smiling when talking on the phone that they install mirrors above telemarketers' desks to remind them to smile..."

--reprinted by permission from Customer Service for Dummies 3rd edition by Karen Leland and Keith Bailey. Copyright (c) 2006 by Wiley Publishing

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