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Farewell to Founder Mike Doctoroff

Mike Doctoroff
Michael Doctoroff, 1934-2010

Trainers Warehouse founder and chairman Mike Doctoroff passed away on December 1, 2010, after a long battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Mike's own warmth, creativity, playfulness and intelligence became the core values of his company. His personality became our brand, which we intend to carry on.

He invented dozens of products that help trainers have more fun and communicate more effectively. He wrote many articles about the importance of laughter and smiling.

A life-long student and tinkerer, over the years Mike studied woodworking, painting, typing, computer programming, photography, gardening. At age 65, he set out to learn Spanish so he could converse with some of his employees in their own language.

Above all, Mike was committed to communication and connection. He insisted that a live person answer every phone call, including his own: he would not allow his own calls to be screened.

I feel blessed to have worked with my dad. In my dozen years at Trainers Warehouse, I had the chance to learn from him, to know him better, and to contribute to his dream of building this business.

Going forward, all of us at Trainers Warehouse intend to carry on Mike's mission of helping people learn and laugh -- and connect.

* Sue Doctoroff Landay *