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Experience Explorer™ Facilitator's Set

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Experience Explorer™ Facilitator's Set

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Explore and discuss leadership experiences!

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An amazing tool for Leadership Training! Use the Experience Explorer™ 99-card deck to explore your group’s most memorable workplace experiences and what they learned about leadership from each experience. More than a personal inventory of experiences and lessons, Experience Explorer draws on the Center for Creative Leadership’s proven findings about common challenges facing organizational leaders.

To play, each participant sorts through the deck to find an experience they faced in the past, pertaining to: Bosses & Superiors, Career Setbacks, Training, Crises, Cultural Crossings, Difficult People, Ethical Dilemmas, Feedback & Coaching, Horizontal Moves, Increases in Job Scope, Mistakes, New Initiatives, Personal Experiences, Stakeholder Engagement, or Turnarounds/Fix-its.

The next steps are to identify the key learning points that emerged and to share the story and wisdom with others in the group. Lesson cards are categorized in three dimensions:
• W – World of Work
• P – World of People
• S – World of Self

The Experience Explorer™ Facilitator's Set includes a Facilitator’s Guide, 52 Experience cards, 42 Lesson cards, and 5 Instruction cards.

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