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  DocU-Sleeves for 22 in. x 28 in. Posters

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DocU-Sleeves for 22 in. x 28 in. Posters

Product Code #: 22X28Q

Great for framing posters. 5 unit minimum order

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Great for framing posters. 22" X 28" heavy-duty plastic frame.

Please note: Due to shipping constraints, there is a 5-unit minimum order for this product.

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DocU-Sleeves can be ordered with NO BACKING or with your CHOICE OF BACKING, INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE.
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Customer Reviews

There are literally hundreds of uses for DocU-Sleeves. We see them in use for certificates, job aids, real estate listings, checklists, and evacuation signs, to name just a few.

No matter how you use them, here are just a few tips: 

  • Remember that you can put sheets in vertically or horizontally (portrait or landscape).
  • For vertical use, we recommend leaving the opening at the top, unless it’s posted outside and you want to protect your document from water. Even if the opening is at the bottom, your document is unlikely to slide out.
  • If you’re not sure whether a recipient will use the sheet protector on a plaster or fabric wall, choose the VELCRO/OMNI backing, so that they can use it on either surface.
  • Find the size that’s perfect for your document. So many sizes are available, you might be able to find one that’s just right!
  • Use DocU-Sleeves in lieu of lamination. Put a blank sheet of paper inside (or some sort of worksheet, chart or form), then use dry-erase markers. The sleeves wipe clean every time!

Add an easel back or put them in a sign holder if you don’t have wall space

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