Desktop Punching Bag

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Desktop Punching Bag

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Don't let stress get the better of you or your team!

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Don't let stress get the better of you or your team!

Whether you're having a bad day or you're in the mood to test your boxing skills, a classroom or office punching bag is the ideal thing to release some pent-up energy or frustration. Sometimes just acknowledging our stress and talking about its sources helps alleviate some of the anxiety and frustration that comes with new learning and the workaday world.

  • Heavy duty spring bounces back for more punishment.
  • Durable to withstand any amount of executive venting.
  • Includes needle and hand pump.
  • Suction cup keeps it securely in place.
  • Stands 13.5" tall.
This desktop punching bag gives a very satisfying amount of resistance, and can really take a beating!

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