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  Creativity Fiddle Set, set of 6 fidget toys

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Creativity Fiddle Set, set of 6 fidget toys

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Active hands mean active minds!

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Active hands mean active minds!

This set of 6 fidget toys is uniquely suited to activate your mind. The colorful, malleable, and playful assortment is sure to stimulate your fingers and brain cells!

Set includes:

  • Thinking Putty -  Color-changing putty will bounce, stretch, and snap. Just a touch from your hands will reveal a new "hot" color.  Tin is 2" diam.
  • Bendeez -  Flexible plastic with a soft texture bends into any shape imaginable! Comes in many colors.
  • Cheese & Mice - Deliciously stretchy cheese riddled with numerous stretchy hiding places for the two adorable, soft rubber mice. Cheese is 2" cube.
  • Mini Metal Spring - Just like a mini metal Slinky. Fit it over a finger, stretch it out to 4 feet long, and it "boings" back to place.  1" diam.
  • Flexi-blox Wooden Fidget - Stretch it, fold it, transform it into an endless variety of new 3-D shapes. 12 colorful wooden blocks tied together with a stretchy elastic cord. 6" long.
  • Tangle - the popular multicolored fidget toy with movable joints that can pull apart.

Comes packaged in a convenient, sleek, see-through zippered pouch.

Customer Reviews

Enrich the "sensory diet" of your learners. Our "fiddles" may look like toys to the untrained eye, but they are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.

  • VARIETY:  Offer a variety of "toys."
  • TOOLS not TOYS:  You can either let these "toys" speak for themselves or let people know that they are "tools" and help some people focus better.
  • FLOATING ATTENTION:  Explain the idea of floating attention – the part of your mind that wanders when a lecture or conversation doesn't take your complete focus. Instead of daydreaming, which takes your mind completely off topic, fidgeting and doodling can use that energy more productively.
  • DEBRIEF: Mid-way, or after a meeting, ask your group about the impact of the "toys."  Find out if they were found to be helpful or distracting. Ask of there are other favorite fidget toys they'd like to have on hand.
  • STAND AND STRETCH: Don't rely only on fidget toys, invite your group to stand, stretch, or walk around if they need to get the blood moving back to their brain.
  • FOOD AND WATER:  Remember food and water are also critical to maintaining focus over long periods of time.

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