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Creative Whack Pack

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Creative Whack Pack

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Build a creativity-friendly organization

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"A creativity workshop in a box."

Designed by the world-renowned specialist in creativity, Roger von Oech, The Creative Whack Pack will "whack" you out of habitual thought patterns and allow you to look at what you're doing in a fresh way. Its thought-provoking scenarios and questions will help you get unstuck, seek new perspectives, and look outside the box.

The cards have been used by many organizations, including NASA, in strategy development and problem solving. It consists of 64 cards, each featuring a different strategy. Some highlight places to find new information. Others provide techniques to generate new ideas. Some lend decision-making advice. And many give you the "kick" you need to get your ideas into action.

64 cards, Coated Paper Stock. Size: 4.5" x 3" Complete with detailed instructions.

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