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CaseCards - Human Resources

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CaseCards - Human Resources

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Situations & Solutions. A set of 12 robust, real-world scenarios to help your management team deal with the trickiest HR situations.

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Are you frustrated with the lack of relevant business scenarios for developing people?

Are you looking for ways to enhance your Human Resources practices?

CaseCards are for you! CaseCards are a collection of real life business situations for use in training, coaching, and related workplace learning endeavors.

Human Resources issues can be very challenging for organizations. It's important for managers to follow company policies, as well as any laws that govern each issue. Use these scenarios as case studies and discussion prompts as you train the managers in your organization. Also included is a card which contains a few hints about how to solve each case, as well as best practices to consider.

The scenarios are industry-generic and present the most common challenges people encounter when working with others. Each card provides just enough information to understand the issue and the context of the situation, leaving the solution open-ended for participants to explore together.

Interaction. Application. Practice. You can't learn to swim by reading a book, and you can't learn many important business skills by listening to a lecture. Want to give feedback to your boss? Coach performance? Influence a peer? Calm an irate customer? Improve teamwork?

Chances are, watching a video or listening to a lecture even engaging in a discussion will only give you knowledge and awareness. But it's SKILL you need.

CaseCards provide many diverse practice opportunities and the more people practice, the more quickly they build new skills and confidence. Knowledge becomes skill . . . skill which people can take back to the workplace and start using right away.

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The Human Resources deck of CaseCards contains 12 unique scenarios, each on a separate 5" x 7" card. They are printed in full color on heavy cardstock, with a glossy finish and rounded corners so they will stand up to multiple training sessions and those inevitable trips in your briefcase!

CaseCards -- For Training, Coaching, and Workplace Learning!

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