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Big Book of Icebreakers

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Big Book of Icebreakers

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Warm up large groups, encourage shy individuals to participate

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Quick, Fun Activities for Energizing Meetings and Workshops

Edie West

Presents a way to warm up large groups, encourage shy individuals to participate more fully, add color to boring staff meetings, and bring together people who are complete strangers. Contains 65 proven and effective strategies for breaking the ice that participants will enjoy and respond to.

Leading a meeting? giving a presentation? Heading a workshop? An icebreakers is great for lightening up the atmosphere at the beginning of a meeting or event, and encouraging everyone to participate fully. This collection of 50 icebreakers is organized around common business situations and is designed to help leaders start every session, meeting, presentation, or workshop with a burst of energy and fun. Includes icebreakers for sales meetings, team building, complete strangers, introducing a topic, staff meetings, groups over 20, outdoor settings, and more. This latest book in the popular Big Book of Business Games series is the most fun yet!

Table of Contents

The Big Book of Icebreakers: Quick, Fun Activities for Energizing Meetings and Workshops   

  • Introduction
  • Icebreakers for Staff Meetings
  • Icebreakers for Sales Meetings
  • Icebreakers for Complete Strangers
  • Icebreakers for Groups of 20 or More
  • Icebreakers for Team Building
  • Icebreakers for Pure Fun
  • Icebreakers for Introducing a Topic
  • Icebreakers for Outdoors
  • Icebreakers for Self-Disclosure
  • Icebreakers for Stuffy, Conservative Types Who Hate Icebreakers
  • Icebreakers While Waiting to Start
  • Icebreakers for Everyday Living
  • Icebreakers for the Super Intelligent

Paperback: 227 pages

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