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Be The Best Bad Presenter Ever

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Be The Best Bad Presenter Ever

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Relax, be yourself, make “mistakes,” and connect with your audience

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Author: Karen Hough

Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever: Break the Rules, Make Mistakes, and Win Them Over

Karen Hough doesn't want you to be "perfect." People fear public speaking because they worry about having to conform to all sorts of handed-down rules that tie them up in knots and put their audiences to sleep. It's authenticity and passion that win people over, she says, not "polish." But you can't be authentic if you're following guidelines that drain the life and personality out of your presentation.

Hough debunks over a dozen myths about presenting to make it more fun and natural for everyone. She explains how practicing in front of a mirror makes you worse, why you should never end with questions, and much more. She includes true stories of people who not only were able to become great presenters by being "bad" but actually came to enjoy it. Like them, by following Karen Hough's wise and witty advice, you'll be able to tear up the old rules and embrace and develop your own style. You'll be freed to be a living, breathing, occasionally clumsy human being whose enthusiasm is powerful and infectious.

In a highly humorous way the author weaves together her deep experience as an improvisation performer and corporate trainer to teach powerful lessons. Karen Hough says you can throw out those outdated rules, relax, be yourself, make “mistakes,” and connect with your audience much more effectively than the guy with the impeccable PowerPoint slides.

Follow Karen’s “bad advice” and you’ll be surprised to learn you’re actually a naturally skilled presenter.

Paperback, 132 pages

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