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5-tone Chime

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5-tone Chime

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Classy way to bring them back to class!

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Just a gentle tap with the mallet and a Chime emits a powerful tone of singular beauty that lasts. Sounds like this are often used in meditation and healing because they help us focus and redirect our attention to the sounds within. It's wonderful for bringing the students back to class, or for bringing their minds back to focused attention.

For best results, play the chime quietly, being careful not to dampen the sound by letting the mallet rest on the rods after striking them.

Materials: Carbonized laminated bamboo, 5 silver aluminum rods, mallet
Dimensions: 8.5" L x 5" W; weighs 1lb.

Tones are: G, A, D, E, F.

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View video for great ideas on how to use CHIMES in meetings!

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