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Getting your group up and about can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your training and their learning. The article below has some great suggestions.
Get up 'n Learn

Help Students Absorb Lessons with Content Reinforcement Tools Including
Response Boards, Fiddles, Conversation Starters and More from Trainers Warehouse 

Natick, MA - August 6, 2008 - Students learn better when you engage their arms and legs, as well as their eyes and ears. That doesn't mean trainers have to dump their prepared lectures and slide presentations. But Trainers Warehouse ( recommends that they supplement their solid content with activities that get learners up and moving. 
Trainers Warehouse offers innovative, effective and fun tools for the professional trainer or teacher to enhance the training process, including content reinforcement tools for students and employees. 
"Physical movement is key to successful learning," said Susan Landay, president of Trainers Warehouse. "Activities that supplement content and require students to move about -- such as, balls, quick response boards, fiddles, ice breakers, and conversation starter tools -- reduce stress and heighten retention." 
Moreover, movement is key to linking the right and left sides of the brain. The study quoted below examined the experience of young children. Experientially, trainers have found the same holds true for adults.
According to early childhood experts Marlin Languis, Tobie Sanders, and Steven Tipps,

"Movement ties in both hemispheres, allowing [people] almost their only opportunity to apply both sides of the brain to an effort and attempt to pass information between the right and left hemispheres. For this reason many young children (and older kinesthetic learners) must move to learn. They are able to pay attention and learn only if they are free to wiggle around; sitting still is a strain. Communication between hemispheres begins when a child is about five years old, becomes more effective around age seven (when a child can deal with the abstract), and is fully communicating about age 9 to 10 for girls and puberty for boys. Until these maturation points, most children are better off employing movement whenever possible to cement learning."[1]

In 1991, Robin Patric Clair studied the impact of movement on the learning effectiveness of college students. In her study, "The Effects of Tactile Stimulation and Gross Motor Movement on Cognitive Learning: A Test of Montessori's Muscular Movement Theory in the College Classroom," she found a significant relationship between the nonverbal behavioral participation of students and cognitive learning as assessed through exam scores. The students who were physically involved in the content of the lecture scored higher on their exams than students who only listened to the lecture even though those students receive similar examples and similar levels of immediacy.[2] 

To Trainers Warehouse, it doesn't matter if the learner is a child or an adult.  "We are always on the prowl for new products that tempt learners away from their desks," Landay said. "Leaping to the front of the room to claim a prize, milling with a group of students for a small group activity, or rousing bodies to play an active game-they're all great 'get up 'n learn' techniques that come with substantial educational outcomes." 

Among the popular "Get Up 'n Learn" products offered by Trainers Warehouse are:
Response Boards (shown above) - Help students speak up with a variety of Rapid Response boards: Whiteboard Response boards (#WBOA, 6" x 8"), and Whiteboard Paddles  (#WBOKMK).
Toss 'n Learn - A versatile training Toss Game allows trainers to designate question categories, point values, interest groups, teams, and more. The game comes with 10 playing suggestions, which allow trainers to tailor the game to their own needs. (#GATOSS, $135.00)
Balls - Colorful, unusual balls are perfect for all sorts of learning. Choose from 15 different styles such as Koosh (#KOOSHM, $3.75), Frog Ball (#BALLFRG, $2.00), and Fish (#PPFISHS, $2.50). All come with a page of Facilitation Notes for free.
Fiddles - A learning and remember tool selected for quiet and mindless "fiddlebility, and perfect for kinesthetic learns. Select from more than 25 different fiddles such as the Therapy Tangle (#FITAT, $8.00), FlexiBlox (#FIBLOX, $3.75), and Klixx (#FIKLIX, $3.50).
Icebreakers are tools for introductions and teambuilding. To help participants get to know each other use the Icebreaker Thumball (#BALLTHM-ICE, $10.99), Boggle (#GABOG, set of 8, $41), or Man Bites Dog (#GAMBD, $12.00), among other items.   
Conversation Starters - One tool that enhances participants' ability to express their thoughts and feelings about a learning experience, and stimulate a group's thinking, prompting meaningful metaphorical discussions is the Treasure Chest Processing Kit (#GAFATR, $39.95). Debrief tools are perfect conversation starting tools as well. Consider the Chess Debrief (#GAFACH, $39.95), the Stress-Free Debrief Essentials Set (#GAFACP, $29.95), and Fortune Cookie Debrief (#GAFAFC-L, 36-cookie set, $74.99).
Trainers Warehouse offers the most diverse product mix for effective training across all industries. In addition to searching the globe for the most effective products, Trainers Warehouse also designs and produces its own products based upon trainers' comments. To order Trainers Warehouse products or request a catalog visit or call 800-299-3770.

[1] The Brain and Learning: Directions in Early Childhood Education. Marlin Languis, Tobie Sanders & Steven Tipps, NAEYC, Washington, 1980.
[2] Clair, Robin Patric. Presented Paper at Annual Meeting of the Eastern Communication Association (Pittsburgh, PA, April 25-28, 1991).

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