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  Set of 24 Reusable Black Tent Cards, Markers, Erasers & Tote bag

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Set of 24 Reusable Black Tent Cards, Markers, Erasers & Tote bag

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Save time and money with reusable name tents!

Our Reusable Tent Card Sets are so popular, we've created one for our BLACK tent cards, too! Use the fluorescent dry-erase markers (included) for a special effect.

The set includes:
  • 24 Reusable BLACK Name Tents (4" H x 11" L x 3"D )
  • 12 Mini-erasers (2.5" x 1.25" x .65")
  • 2 sets Expo Dry-Erase Fluorescent Neon Markers, bullet-tip (each set has 5 different colored markers)
  • 1 see-through vinyl tote* to carry it all! (12" H x 12" W x 6" D)
Save yourself from pre-printing formal name cards, and let participants write their preferred name or nickname on these erasable, reusable name cards. It will increase their comfort and save you money and time in the long run.

These high-quality, two-sided 4" H x 11" L x 3"D molded plastic "whiteboard" tents let you see names from the front or the back of the room. Molded construction makes stacking and storage easier than ever. Use them again and again with any dry-erase markers. They clean up instantly and completely!

*The Tote bag is printed on the front with this text:
"This bag is not a toy. Putting it over your head could cause suffocation, which would really ruin your day. Better to put all your great stuff in it so that people look at you with envy as you walk by, wondering both where you got all your things and where you got your awesome see-through bag, to which you can reply, "You can get one, too, at Trainers Warehouse or Office Oxygen, and they're a 'baahgin.' That's New England-speak for 'bargain'." And by the way, it's true that objects in the side view mirror are closer than they appear, but the wonderful items in your beautiful, clear bag really are just as they appear!"

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