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  Creativity Fiddle Set, set of 6 fidget toys

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Creativity Fiddle Set, set of 6 fidget toys

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Active hands mean active minds!

This set of 6 fidget toys is uniquely suited to activate your mind. The colorful, malleable, and playful assortment is sure to stimulate your fingers and brain cells!

Set includes:

  • Thinking Putty -  Color-changing putty will bounce, stretch, and snap. Just a touch from your hands will reveal a new "hot" color.  Tin is 2" diam.
  • Bendeez -  Flexible plastic with a soft texture bends into any shape imaginable! Comes in many colors.
  • Cheese & Mice - Deliciously stretchy cheese riddled with numerous stretchy hiding places for the two adorable, soft rubber mice. Cheese is 2" cube.
  • Mini Metal Spring - Just like a mini metal Slinky. Fit it over a finger, stretch it out to 4 feet long, and it "boings" back to place.  1" diam.
  • Flexi-blox Wooden Fidget - Stretch it, fold it, transform it into an endless variety of new 3-D shapes. 12 colorful wooden blocks tied together with a stretchy elastic cord. 6" long.
  • Tangle - the popular multicolored fidget toy with movable joints that can pull apart.

Comes packaged in a convenient, sleek, see-through zippered pouch.

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