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What Would You Do? Facilitator Set

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What Would You Do? Facilitator Set

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The What Would You Do? game contains eight decision-making scenarios. For each scenario, players have to decide whether to take a collaborative or competitive road, scoring points for each of several rounds. Points are based on how an individuals choice compares with those of the other players in the group. At the end of the game, players compare their decisions with the other players.

The first scenario mirrors the original Prisoner's Dilemma -- two prisoners are captured and brought in for questioning. Each has to decide whether to collaborate (which results in a lighter sentence) or save their own skin (which results in no punishment for one prisoner, and a heavy sentence for the other). Each of the next seven scenarios introduces additional problems that turn up the heat and force the participants to make increasingly difficult ethical decisions.

In today's fast-paced, turbulent world, the urge to be less than ethical can sometimes fall into the mix. What Would You Do? is an interactive game that offers a hands-on classroom training experience on the core concepts of teamwork and ethical decision making. Participants experience the individual effects and the consequences they can cause for everyone.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the opposing but related concepts of collaboration and competition
  • Learn how to make better choices under pressure
  • Understand the importance of trust - and how it can be lost
  • Show individuals what it takes to work together to achieve the best results

Suggested time: 3 hours

Facilitator Set includes: Leader's Guide, workshop instructions, and sample Participant Workbook.

Participant Workbooks are suggested for each participant (#RBWWYP). Sold separately.

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